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our 400m luxury hair salon is a space to pamper yourself where everything will keep you entertained. television shows, live shoots and wifi access are assured to our clients, "laptop and internet" at teinture space. Each salon has its own personal signature, created by the best products with the highest quality.
-Hands and feet treatments 

Medical Treatments supervised by doctors: 
-Hair removal
-Filler : wax, light treatments, laser Massage : facial , body, head, any type using machine or manual
-Any other Medical treatment the doctor see fit 

-Body contouring Machine
-Body Tightening 
-Manual- body wraps 
-manual massages 

-Manual Skin treatments
-Facial treatment using latest technology machines
-Oxygenation, light treatment... 

-Facial and body Treatment and retail products
-Tanning: using UV light or spray tan



Understanding the ever changing needs and requests of the client, introducing new artistic spirits is mandatory. Dany and Zeina Azzam’s educational programs are flexible and always aimed at setting new standards for passionate Makeup artists and hairdressers. With a passion for motivating and inspiring young artists to believe in their craft, they provide hands on mentoring sessions to encourage and equip hungry artists with training that interlaces their own style with their skills. This training is tailored to suit each individual artist or salon team. Sessions run for 3 hours, and start from $440 per person in salon.

One on One – From $1100 per artist
In our boutique – $440 per artist
In your salon – $440 per artist POA (minimum 10 artists)


*prices are inclusive of gst

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      Specialising in vintage shapes with a modern twist, Dany and Zeina Azzam's Bridal styling is inspired by some of the world's most iconic style mavens including, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo and the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé. As a specialist in the bridal styling arena, Dany Azzam is known for re-invigorating and re-inventing some of the most widespread and iconic hair trends for the modern day. Because of this, brides all over Australia are opting for Dany Azzam's educated and well formed bridal finish. Dany Azzam understands what her brides want. Soft finishes that never look overcooked, holding perfect shape all day and into the night.



      Brand Partnerships & Projects

      As a creative, Dany Azzam has an undeniable strength for working with brands and adapting her style to suit project objectives. From urban, glamour to high fashion and popular styling, Dany Azzam will work with you to ensure each style is a pure reflection of your brand’s unique identity.

      Dany Azzam has one of Australia’s largest organic social media followings for an independent artist. With an online audience of over 500,000, Dany Azzam’s influential online reach is growing steadily each day.

      If you are interested in aligning your product or brand with Dany Azzam’s signature style and great audience, contact us today.


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